Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sneak Peak at Tall Tales...and Mother's Day Flash Freebie

So very excited to share with you my Tall Tales Unit. This is one of my favorite units to teach...ever! So here it is :)

Tall Tales Themed Math Prompts (24)

Tall Tales Themed Multiplication Bump (My kiddos love Bump!)

Start the unit off with a KWL Chart

5 featured Tall Tales

Making a booklet to remember the elements of Tall Tales

Or you can have your students color it in :)

Have the students sort between Whale of Tale or Packed with Facts 

(There are some really interesting facts on these little cards :)

Learning all about Idioms

Flapbook for the students to record the meaning for the 10 most common Idioms

The students write mixed up stories with Characters, Setting, Conflict and Resolution chosen from a different story prompts 

Pin the Description on the Ox (Have the students write a description of Babe the Blue Ox, place sticky tack on the back, blindfold the students, give them a spin and see who can get their description in the center of the Ox. (New spin on an old game :)

Use descriptive adjectives to give new life to the Princess in the Pea, written by Hans Christian Anderson as told by your class!

Planning Book

The students write their own Tall Tale

End of the unit goodie box. I love goodie boxes (put some fun things inside like a bandanna, horse-shaped sugar cookie,...etc)

Like what you see? Follow the picture to my store :)

And now for my Mother's Day Flash Freebie: Introduction to Map Study Skills :)
You have 45 minutes....Go!

Follow the picture to the freebie :)

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