Monday, 20 March 2017

T'was the Morning of State Testing...

My students start testing this week. This is always a very intense time for me. I love each of my students like my own kids and I so badly want all of them to feel successful. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself that I am their cheerleader! So tell me, when do you start state testing? 

T’was the morning of state testing
Carrying their pencils and books
The students entered the classroom
Wearing tired and nervous looks
Walking slowly into the room
Coming last of all
Was a boy with circles under his eyes
Feeling 2 feet tall
Sharpening two pencils
With a shaking hand
Knowing there would be countless problems
He wouldn’t understand
You see learning didn’t come easy for him
No matter how hard he tried
Most days he came into school
Wishing he could hide
The numbers floated across the page
The words were in reverse
Most days he had a headache
And thought it couldn’t get any worse
Taking slow deep breaths
To contain the anxiety he felt
His teacher looked across the room
And saw his cry for help
Kneeling at his desk
She took his shaking hand
Looking in his eyes she said
“There’s something you must understand
 You’ve worked so hard all through this year
There are so many new things you can do
You haven’t given up, you’ve given your all
And I believe in you
There is so much more to you
Than what you get on this test
Take a deep breath, you got this
Take your time and try your best
I’m rooting for you and
No matter your score
Who you are on the inside
Will always be worth more.”

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

What is your Why?

Today at our staff training we watched the Ted Talk given by Simon Sinek about the Golden Circle. We then took a few minutes to reflect on our own "why" as educators. I wanted to share with you today my why...

At a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. While my friends were dreaming of being ballerinas, princesses, or a vet, I was playing school with my stuffed animals. At that age I was inspired to teach because my Mom was a teacher and she was my everything. Over the years this dream did not fade, but rather it grew. There have been some very defining moments in my teacher journey, and the one I am going to share today is my "why."

When I was a teenager I babysat for a family of five boys. Dad traveled a lot and Mom was barely holding on. One of those boys had difficulty connecting with his peers at school, felt like the forgotten child, and hated learning because it was very difficult for him. One afternoon I stood over him helping him learn how to tie his shoes. After many failures and frustrations he finally got the bunny around the bush, into the burrow, and pulled tight. The excitement in his eyes was contagious. He jumped, cheered, danced, and hugged me so tight. You see, his Mom kept buying him Velcro shoes. Most of his peers had already learned how to tie their shoes and the constant frustration was hard on this Mom of five boys.

At first I didn't really understand. After hours of failures why did he keep pushing himself to tears? In this day and age the boy could have just kept wearing Velcro shoes, and when he got older he could just tuck in the laces which was the fad at the time!

Then it hit me. It wasn't about the shoes, it was about mastering something. It was about determination and conquering something that had defeated him over and over. So that afternoon everything in the house stopped while I sat with him and instructed and encouraged him. There was nothing more important in the world than to cheer for this boy so he knew that he could do this and that those shoes could not defeat him anymore!

That's my why! I teach for those A-ha moments when a child's eyes light up because he "got it", they learned something new. I teach to inspire kids to greatness, but in order to get to greatness you have to conquer the shoes! I want my students to know that there is always someone who loves and cheers for them even when no one else is cheering or if the task at hand seems so trivial like a pair of battered laces.

So tell me...what's your "why"?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

$25 Melonheadz Gift Certificate Giveaway Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my giveaway. Congratulations to Wendy McCarty! She has been eyeing the adorable Fall and Halloween kids.

It's Saturday and it's been a really long week for me. How about a flash freebie?

For the next 30 minutes my Maps Skills Integrated Creative Writing and Compass Rose will be up for grabs! :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

200 TPT Follower Giveaway

Well that's it folks! The waiting is over. My TPT store has just hit 200 followers and it is party time! :)

The first way I want to celebrate is by offering a Melonheadz Illustrating $25 Gift Certificate! Nikki is one amazing artist and everyone loves her little Melonheadz!

More surprises to come! :) Stay tuned

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Melonheadz Giveaway

I have some really exciting news! :) I am 12 followers away from 200 on TPT. To celebrate reaching 200, Nikki at Melonheadz Illustration has graciously donated a $25 certificate! I absolutely ADORE Melonheadz and I know that many of you do as well. Nikki is totally my hero and I am super excited about kicking this giveaway off. Spread the news! :)


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Guest Blog

Today is very exciting for me! Rachel Lynette has kindly allowed me to guest blog for her! I love her blog and task cards. My classroom is filled with so many of her amazing resources and ideas. This is a real honor.

I started using art in classroom management when I realized that sometimes children can’t find the right words or actions to deal with their emotions. In many cases children are still learning what emotions are and how to deal with the overwhelming feelings that they experience. But, when you give a child a crayon and a blank sheet of paper and ask him to draw how he feels, you might be shocked at what you see.

To learn more about using art in classroom management, check out my guest blog at Rachel Lynette's Minds in Bloom.

See you there :)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday's Snapshot of Delhi

It's already Saturday again! The weeks go by very fast.

I am truly blessed to have 12 incredible students! :) We are wrapping up a unit on animal classification. We have been watching Planet Earth. They are so excited and keep saying things like, "Wow Mrs. H, it's the eco-system." or "That animal must be an omnivore. Do you see how it is eating plants and meat." It just makes this teacher glow with pride! 

Today we chilled around the house and then had our Hindi lessons. My dear husband, Kris, was trying to tell our Hindi teacher in Hindi that a cricket was small but a grasshopper was bigger. What he actually said was, "The cricket is my son and a grasshopper is sick!" You should have seen the look on our teacher's face. Then Kris realized what he said and we all started laughing. It's amazing how words can get jumbled up while learning a new language! :)

Here is today's snapshot. Enjoy.

Here is a vegetable market in Delhi. This isn't even the busy time ;)



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