Saturday, 25 May 2013

End of the Year Pictures and 5 Products that Were Life-Savers This Year

My last official day was Friday, and what a day it was! Graduation and Awards Ceremony is on Monday, then two teacher briefing days and I board a plane back to the U.S. My husband and I decided to get Wesley a brand new teddy bear to hug and snuggle on the plane. Kris (my husband) will not be able to come with us and we know that Wes will have a really hard time, so we are hoping that a new lovie will make the flight much easier for him! This will probably be my last blog post in Delhi, since there is a TON of stuff to get done before we leave. Once I get over jetlag, I will be right back on here blogging away. :)

Popcorn Trivia during Popcorn Palooza
Winner of the Popcorn Estimation
6 Delicious Flavors of Popcorn

Girls in their Cubby House (made from sheets, books and desks)
Most of My Students having a S'more for the First Time!

Boys in Their Cubby House

Sharing "S'more Memories" over S'mores

Five Products that were Life-Savers this Year:
This was AMAZING for my unit on the Solar System. My kids loved the lapbooks :)
My kiddos love Magic Treehouse. We LOVED the passports in this pack! The kids read through all books in reading groups and then answered the questions in their groups and then got a stamp for their passport. This was a lot of fun :)

There are some amazing and funny poems in this pack! It has EVERYTHING and it was wonderful for Poetry Month! Check it out :)
This was a super managable way to keep track of where my students were throughout the year. It was so wonderful to have this all sitting in a binder and all I had to do was pull out each different assessment at the end of the units :)
This unit was so fun! We made a ton of these projects and invited the parents of our students to come to the Museum when it was finished. Such an amazing way to learn about Ancient Egypt :)

Thank you to all you fabulous teachers who make amazing products on TPT! :) What were some of your life-saver products from this year? 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sneak Peak at My Alphabet Bundle and Giveaway :)

Hello Lovely Followers,

I just finished making something for Kindergarten :) I love Kindergarten, if I wasn't in 3rd, I would definitely choose Kindergarten!

Large Alphabet Posters

Small Alphabet Cards
Create a Wedding for Q and U
Invitations :)
Small Portion of the Story

Alphabet Bingo

Beginning Blends

Ending Blends

Diagraph Posters
High Frequency Word Cards

Create a Cone by Place Different Beginning Sounds on the Cone

Short and Long Vowel Posters
Add caption
Fish Bowls with the Vowel Sounds
Long Vowel Sound or Short Vowel Sound?
Rhyming Words Monster Match

Practice Writing

Check it Out at My Store by Clicking the Picture 

Now for my giveaway: I am giving away my Popcorn Palooza: Last Week of School Cross-Curriculum Thematic Unit to the first two people who leave a comment :) 

Only 2 more days for me!! How many left for you? 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Five For Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday. :)

Number #1
My kiddos finished their travel brochures yesterday and they are adorable! They had to include the name of the planet, fun facts about the planet, pictures of the planet (both silly and normal), a testimony from their favorite fictional character, things to see, and things to pack. 

Testimony from Junie B Jones

Number #2
One of my students wrote a sweet journal entry of wanting to be a teacher when she grows up:

Number #3

This week is our last week of school! Our elementary staff is running an activity week as a big celebration for all the hard work of our students! I am so excited for the fun activities that are coming :) 

Number #4

I have talked a lot about Sonita, (not her real name) my ten year old who lived as a beggar under the flyover until last year, she came into grade 3 reading at a KG level and is now reading at level "Q" in the A-Z Readers! She has only learned English in the last 10 months and could hardly write this year and that lovely story about being a teach was written by her last week! I am so blown away by her progress :) 


A sweet note that I found in one of my students "Exit Thoughts" Journal! :) This is why I do it!!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sneak Peak at Tall Tales...and Mother's Day Flash Freebie

So very excited to share with you my Tall Tales Unit. This is one of my favorite units to teach...ever! So here it is :)

Tall Tales Themed Math Prompts (24)

Tall Tales Themed Multiplication Bump (My kiddos love Bump!)

Start the unit off with a KWL Chart

5 featured Tall Tales

Making a booklet to remember the elements of Tall Tales

Or you can have your students color it in :)

Have the students sort between Whale of Tale or Packed with Facts 

(There are some really interesting facts on these little cards :)

Learning all about Idioms

Flapbook for the students to record the meaning for the 10 most common Idioms

The students write mixed up stories with Characters, Setting, Conflict and Resolution chosen from a different story prompts 

Pin the Description on the Ox (Have the students write a description of Babe the Blue Ox, place sticky tack on the back, blindfold the students, give them a spin and see who can get their description in the center of the Ox. (New spin on an old game :)

Use descriptive adjectives to give new life to the Princess in the Pea, written by Hans Christian Anderson as told by your class!

Planning Book

The students write their own Tall Tale

End of the unit goodie box. I love goodie boxes (put some fun things inside like a bandanna, horse-shaped sugar cookie,...etc)

Like what you see? Follow the picture to my store :)

And now for my Mother's Day Flash Freebie: Introduction to Map Study Skills :)
You have 45 minutes....Go!

Follow the picture to the freebie :)


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