Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sneak Peak at My Alphabet Bundle and Giveaway :)

Hello Lovely Followers,

I just finished making something for Kindergarten :) I love Kindergarten, if I wasn't in 3rd, I would definitely choose Kindergarten!

Large Alphabet Posters

Small Alphabet Cards
Create a Wedding for Q and U
Invitations :)
Small Portion of the Story

Alphabet Bingo

Beginning Blends

Ending Blends

Diagraph Posters
High Frequency Word Cards

Create a Cone by Place Different Beginning Sounds on the Cone

Short and Long Vowel Posters
Add caption
Fish Bowls with the Vowel Sounds
Long Vowel Sound or Short Vowel Sound?
Rhyming Words Monster Match

Practice Writing

Check it Out at My Store by Clicking the Picture 

Now for my giveaway: I am giving away my Popcorn Palooza: Last Week of School Cross-Curriculum Thematic Unit to the first two people who leave a comment :) 

Only 2 more days for me!! How many left for you? 

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