Friday, 17 May 2013

Five For Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday. :)

Number #1
My kiddos finished their travel brochures yesterday and they are adorable! They had to include the name of the planet, fun facts about the planet, pictures of the planet (both silly and normal), a testimony from their favorite fictional character, things to see, and things to pack. 

Testimony from Junie B Jones

Number #2
One of my students wrote a sweet journal entry of wanting to be a teacher when she grows up:

Number #3

This week is our last week of school! Our elementary staff is running an activity week as a big celebration for all the hard work of our students! I am so excited for the fun activities that are coming :) 

Number #4

I have talked a lot about Sonita, (not her real name) my ten year old who lived as a beggar under the flyover until last year, she came into grade 3 reading at a KG level and is now reading at level "Q" in the A-Z Readers! She has only learned English in the last 10 months and could hardly write this year and that lovely story about being a teach was written by her last week! I am so blown away by her progress :) 


A sweet note that I found in one of my students "Exit Thoughts" Journal! :) This is why I do it!!!

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