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My name is Christy and currently I teach 3rd grade at an international school in New Delhi India. This will be my second year teaching there. Before that I was a substitute teacher working with inner city students at a Charter School and before that I was working with inner city students in the Bronx, New York. I love helping students grow to their full potential. Some many children are hurting and not getting any love at home and need to know that they are valued and have amazing things to offer to the world. 

Why Diagraphs, Decimals, and Discoveries? This name pretty much sums up my experience as an elementary teacher. Diagraphs: I love to teach students how to read and working with diagraphs is a lot of fun. This part of my name ties in my experiences with lower elementary. Decimals: I really enjoy teaching math and decimals was something that we started to tackle in 3rd grade. I also remember teaching it to 4th graders during student teaching. This part of the name ties into my experiences with upper elementary. Discoveries: My philosophy of teaching has always focused on hands-on learning and discovering our world through books, interaction, and technology. It is so important to give our students the keys to life-long discoveries!

This is me and my very supportive husband. We have been married for almost 4 years. We both work at the school. He teaches middle and high school...I could never do that! 

Here is a picture of me and my little monkey, Wesley. I call him my little monkey because he is constantly on the move and has been climbing things since he could crawl. He also is a huge Curious George Fan.

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