Saturday, 22 June 2013

Announcing Giveaway

In just a couple of days I will be back on my way to India. This trip went by so fast with both my parents and my in-laws planning events for every day. I am totally wiped out! We had so much fun and I don't think that Wesley is going to want to go back to Delhi, except that he really misses Daddy.

I hit 100 followers a few days ago! I couldn't believe it! I was at 76 when I left India and in less than a month I am at 101. This was a huge milestone for me as a fairly new seller and not a lot of products in my store. I keep saying that I will work on them this summer and I will, I promise. In July, I will be busy working on some back to school stuff for my 3rd graders and a few new units that I will be including this year.

I have started to put together my 100 follower giveaway, but due to travel and jet lag, it will go live July 1st. Spread the word :)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Loving Summer!

One the beach at Traverse City, Michigan

We landed safely in Michigan on Friday May 31st. Wes didn't really have any jetlag! I couldn't believe it. He stayed awake the full day we landed even after hardly any sleep and went to bed early and after that he was right on schedule. I had jetlag worse than he did. He keeps saying "I love America!" I don't think he is going to want to go back to India after all the fun things he has done. 

I have been running from one place to the next, and have not had a chance to work on any school stuff but spending time with my little man and my family is definitely more of a priority right now! :) Here are some highlights of this week:

Swimming pool in the backyard. Grass is one of Wesley's favorite things in the US.
Getting his face painted as a tiger was a real treat
He loved riding the pony at the zoo. He said, "Go pony, more ride!"
He was a natural born rider
Who says you can't do an Easter Egg Hunt in June?
Playing some T-Ball
Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Pretzel! DELICIOUS
This is only the first half of our visit. We still have my parents to visit in PA after we leave my in-laws in Michigan! I started working on a my stuff for James and the Giant Peach this week but haven't gotten much done with all the busy plans of enjoying the US!

How is your summer? 


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