Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Currently

May Currently  

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her May Currently! This is great fun! :)

Listening: Wesley has been watching Signing Time pretty much nonstop since Thursday! He loves the shows and he has learned so much sign language and knows his ABC's and recognizes all his letters :) We started him on Baby Signing Time when he was 4 months old and he knew 50 signs by the time he was 1!

Loving: The fact that there are only 10 more school days. My kiddos are starting to get restless and so am I.

Thinking: Woah! Only 10 days! My kiddos have a few big projects due this Friday and a final math assessment. We have a lot to get done in our classroom and I need to get reports done also!

Wanting: Wesley and I have been counting down the days until we go back to the states to see family. He has been skyping with his grandparents but he really wants to see them. Sometimes he reaches his hand out to the computer screen and asks to hold his Nana's or Mimi's hand.

Needing: This last week I hardly slept at all. There was so much to do, and not enough time to do it. My husband is finishing up his degree online so I have been helping him when I can, trying to keep up with the house, spending time with Wesley, getting everything ready for our trip, and getting all the last minute stuff in for school.

Summer Bucket List: Both my Mom and Mother-in-law have lists for what we are going to do. I know that it will involve going to the zoo, beach, chuck-e-cheese, going swimming, train ride, and much more. Wesley came to India when he was 18 months so I didn't think he would remember the U.S. But he says, "I go to 'merica play in backyard," so I guess he must remember some things! He feels so cooped up inside without an area to play and when we do venture out into the park, we have to be careful for yucky things on the ground, street dogs, and it's 90+ degrees now. I am rather homesick!!! 


  1. Hope you have a great trip back to the states! Visiting from the link up!


  2. Thanks for stopping by :) I love the link ups! I have seen so many new and amazing blogs because of them.



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