Monday, 20 March 2017

T'was the Morning of State Testing...

My students start testing this week. This is always a very intense time for me. I love each of my students like my own kids and I so badly want all of them to feel successful. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself that I am their cheerleader! So tell me, when do you start state testing? 

T’was the morning of state testing
Carrying their pencils and books
The students entered the classroom
Wearing tired and nervous looks
Walking slowly into the room
Coming last of all
Was a boy with circles under his eyes
Feeling 2 feet tall
Sharpening two pencils
With a shaking hand
Knowing there would be countless problems
He wouldn’t understand
You see learning didn’t come easy for him
No matter how hard he tried
Most days he came into school
Wishing he could hide
The numbers floated across the page
The words were in reverse
Most days he had a headache
And thought it couldn’t get any worse
Taking slow deep breaths
To contain the anxiety he felt
His teacher looked across the room
And saw his cry for help
Kneeling at his desk
She took his shaking hand
Looking in his eyes she said
“There’s something you must understand
 You’ve worked so hard all through this year
There are so many new things you can do
You haven’t given up, you’ve given your all
And I believe in you
There is so much more to you
Than what you get on this test
Take a deep breath, you got this
Take your time and try your best
I’m rooting for you and
No matter your score
Who you are on the inside
Will always be worth more.”


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