Saturday, 27 July 2013

Saturday's Snapshot

Hello Lovely Followers,

Today was a really busy day. I took one of the new teachers at our school clothes shopping for Salwar Kalmeez. We had a blast. I got some really cute new outfits for this year. I wear western style clothes quite often, but I really enjoy the life and color of Indian clothing. I especially love all the jewelry! Here are a few pictures of my new wardrobe!

I love the blue and yellow combo here! :) It comes with really cute blue salwar pants ( a baggier style of pants).

I really liked this one because it is simple (for Delhi styles). The pink is really pretty and it comes with pink salwar pants. 

I love the mix of the blue, green, and pink in this one. It also has pink churidar (which is Indian leggings) 

You can probably see a common theme here of pink. I love the pink and black here. The neck and sleeves are also really pretty. It has black churidar pants. 

Yup, more pink and green! I just can't help it! :) This one has pink salwar pants as well. 

Any outfit in Delhi wouldn't be complete without a new set of bangles! Can't wait to wear these beauties around! 

In other news, the little man has been having an awful time lately. He really misses America and especially his family. As soon as he wakes up he talks about going to America and seeing his Mimi, Nana, and two Papas. We feel really bad for him and are looking for new ways to make living in Delhi exciting so he doesn't feel quite so homesick. It is difficult to find things to do in the current Delhi heat. Two seems to be a really hard age for all of us! I am holding out that three will be much better!

Lastly, I have been thinking of ways to show you all more about my life here in Delhi. Last year I had a lot of camera problems, but this year I have a new camera and I am really excited to give you all a taste of life here in Delhi!

Each Saturday I will post a different picture "snapshot" from happenings around Delhi. Some of the picture will be my own and others will be from fellow teachers at my school. I hope you enjoy them! :)

This week's picture is of a rickshaw driver near a main market in Lajpat Nagar. The picture was taken by the principal of my school. Stay tuned for a new one next Saturday! 

Thanks for dropping by!

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