Friday, 19 July 2013

New "School" Year's Resolution Linky Party!

Hello Lovely Bloggers

I have decided to run my own linky party. I have seen a lot of them and participated but haven't done my own yet. So I decided to run a...

I love to make New Year's Resolutions, but let's face it, they never last past January 31st (if they even last that long!) I find that the only way I can stick to them is when I have a friend who wants to accomplish the same thing and we "check up" on each other.

So here's how this is going to work:

1. Blog about a New School Year Resolution. Something for your classroom and if you want to add something personal as well, go for it!

2. Link it up (Be sure to link your blog post back to the linky party so others can join in on the fun!)

3. Look for someone who has a similar resolution as you and connect with each other.

4. Check up on each other and encourage each other throughout the school year.

My Resolution:

My classroom is tiny, I mean literally tiny! It's hard to fit the student's desks, my desk, the library book shelves, and shelves for general school supplies in the room, let alone any space for centers or a cozy spot for the students to read. This has always been a frustration and challenge for me. The second half of that challenge is that we are not able to get into the school building to set up our classrooms (we tear them down at the end of the year) until a week before school starts! 

Last year was my first year teaching. I think everyone can relate when I say that the first year of teaching is insane! I didn't find out what grade I was teaching until three days before school started last school year. I felt rushed in setting up and getting my beginning of the year lesson plans done. Needless to say, a midst all those things, I have not learned the secret to an organized classroom. 

I always felt discouraged and guilty because I ALWAYS had a really unorganized desk, yet my students  kept their desks clean. It was always the joke that the Messy Desk Monster would come to Mrs. H's desk and eat all of my most prized possessions.

At the end of the school year, as I was packing up my classroom, I organized all of my units, centers, and put them neatly away for this coming school year. 

So, I resolve to keep my classroom organized. :) In fact, this coming week I will be setting up my classroom, and I look forward to blogging about all the organizational ideas that I have collect from pinterest and how they work in my tight space.

I also resolve to get back into shape. Wesley is going to be three in December and I still blame him for being overweight!(It's just so easy to blame being overweight on pregnancies) I am 40 lbs heavier than I was on my wedding day almost 4 years ago, and I would LOVE to be that weight again, but more realistically I would like to lost 25-30 lbs.

I absolutely adore Lindsay Brinn from Moms Into Fitness, and have used her workouts in the past, so I decided to get her Pretty Fierce Lean Out dvds. I ordered them back in March...and they have been staring me down ever since.

So, what say you, anyone want to buddy up with similar resolutions?

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