Monday, 22 July 2013

New Year, New Name, New Layout: "3rd Grade Theatrics" is now "Digraphs Decimals and Discoveries"

Hello Fabulous Followers!

My first day back at school is in 10 days! I start setting up tomorrow, lots of pictures to come...

I mentioned in a recent post that the wonderful ladies at Honey Bunch Blog Design were hooking me up with a new look! It is in the works and it is looking fabulous! :)

I also changed my name (I am sure you noticed this and were like who the heck is that?) I chose the name 3rd Grade Theatrics because of teaching 3rd grade in New Delhi, India. Those of you who teach 3rd Grade know about the "hams" our students are. These kiddos are full of life and laughter and can be real drama queens/kings!

I have one more year teaching in New Delhi, then I land back in PA. At this point I am not sure what grade I will be teaching next, so I decided to change my name to something more generic; something that can move with me from grade to grade. I started my blog back in October but it was a sitting duck until about March. Since it is still so young, I figured that this was the time to make some switches and then set it in stone.

Why Digraphs, Decimals, and Discoveries? This name pretty much sums up my experience as an elementary teacher. Digraphs: I love to teach students how to read and working with digraphs is a lot of fun. This part of my name ties in my experiences with lower elementary. Decimals: I really enjoy teaching math and decimals was something that we started to tackle in 3rd grade. I also remember teaching it to 4th graders during student teaching. This part of the name ties into my experiences with upper elementary. Discoveries: My philosophy of teaching has always focused on hands-on learning and discovering our world through books, interaction, and technology. It is so important to give our students the keys to life-long discoveries!

So there you have it. A New Year, a New Layout (coming very soon), and a New Name! :)

Thanks for being such amazing followers! I really appreciate your comments, advice, and participation in my giveaways.


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