Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday's Snapshot of Delhi

It's already Saturday again! The weeks go by very fast.

I am truly blessed to have 12 incredible students! :) We are wrapping up a unit on animal classification. We have been watching Planet Earth. They are so excited and keep saying things like, "Wow Mrs. H, it's the eco-system." or "That animal must be an omnivore. Do you see how it is eating plants and meat." It just makes this teacher glow with pride! 

Today we chilled around the house and then had our Hindi lessons. My dear husband, Kris, was trying to tell our Hindi teacher in Hindi that a cricket was small but a grasshopper was bigger. What he actually said was, "The cricket is my son and a grasshopper is sick!" You should have seen the look on our teacher's face. Then Kris realized what he said and we all started laughing. It's amazing how words can get jumbled up while learning a new language! :)

Here is today's snapshot. Enjoy.

Here is a vegetable market in Delhi. This isn't even the busy time ;)


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