Sunday, 25 August 2013

Saturday's Snapshot of Delhi...on Sunday :)

This weekend went by very fast! On Saturday I took my little man out for a mommy/son date. We went to a mall a little ways away that has a dunkin donuts and Hamley's toy shop. 

Since we moved to Delhi it has been hard for Wes. He loves to be outside and is extremely active but with the heat, mosquitoes, dogs, and trash it is hard to find a nice place for him to play. The mall is a 45 minute auto rickshaw drive and you generally have to walk a good 5-10 minutes before you find an auto rickshaw. I find that unless I prepare myself a couple of days in advance, it is difficult to get out much. 

The toy shop has a station to build some lego!

Looking at the lego display.

Sitting in the airplane and watching the trailer for the new Disney "Planes" movie

He did not want to get out!

Enjoying a chocolate donut with sprinkles 
On the ride home Wesley thanked me for taking him out and told me that it was very special. That certainly warmed this Mama's heart. 

Here is my latest "snapshot" of life in Delhi. I am standing at our backdoor taking this picture. The table that you see is used by the press walla; the woman who irons clothes for 5 rupees per item which is about 2 pennies. The staircases that you see lead up to the higher floors of the apartment buildings. This is our home sweet home! :) One of the things I love about where we live is that sometimes the monkeys come and they are really entertaining! In fact a couple of months ago some dogs were barking at a few monkeys who were on the roofs of cars dangling down some scraps of food near the dogs faces. It was really funny to watch. 

I am off to bed now. My 4th week of school starts tomorrow! I can't believe how fast it is going!


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